Brand and Marketing Workshops

Take your business forward with confidence, purpose and clarity

Brand and Marketing workshop sketch showing the Stenson Wolf agency working with clients

Are you feeling unsure when it comes to proper marketing and promotion for your business?

Our workshops make it easy to form a focussed plan so you know what to do now, what to schedule next and what to put off until later

When is it the right time to book a workshop?

A workshop is perfect for any business that is: 

Searching for clarity or general direction with their marketing & sales efforts

Just starting out and not sure where to start investing time, money and energy

Not used to working with an agency and want to see what the experience is like

In need of a sounding board before a major investment or pivot

Why invest in a workshop with Stenson Wolf?

It can be difficult to concentrate on promoting your business when you’re running the show and your resources aren’t endless.

A workshop gives you and your team an opportunity to shut out the noise and bring the promotion & growth of your business into full focus.

Get energised working with a professional marketing agency to create something actionable, at an affordable cost. Ready to start creating your manageable action plan?

How much does a workshop cost?

You can book a half day workshop with our team for £495

Who are these workshops aiming to help?

Business owners, marketing managers and the people in charge of any business that doesn’t have a 5 person marketing team, an eye watering marketing budget or 35 hours a week to spend creating social content. A workshop will help you position the pieces you do have correctly.

What should we expect on the day of a workshop?

Our half day workshops use a mix of activities and exercises to shine a spotlight on your goals, your customers and your positioning. This helps us to collaboratively create a smart, manageable action plan for your business, and not simply hand you an overwhelming cookie cutter strategy that sounds flash, but does very little to actually help you win.

Our workshops are there to help the people running a business make improvements and do things better

Recent Workshop Testimonials

The workshop really helped to shine a light on my blindspots. The frameworks provided by Stenson Wolf helped me validate some ideas and prioritise the work that’s going to help my business grow, not just keep me busy”

— Michael McCann, MMC Legal,

We all really enjoyed the session and definitely benefited from it.  Thank you for your time and your patience with us!”

— Sarah Quinn, Cowfield Design

I am very good at what I do, but not so good at knowing how to get myself out there and market my business. The workshop helped me see a way forward and the sense of relief that’s given me is palpable”

— Gavin Miller, Clear 54

Plan your workshop and start building momentum that lasts

If you feel a workshop would be a good investment for your business, we’d love to discuss your goals with you and answer any questions you may have. Simply fill in this form or email us at and we will get in touch with you.

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