Light 360

From the Glens of Antrim to the Maldives and everywhere in-between

The beauty of light is undeniable, but it is a truly difficult medium not only to fully understand, but to apply and integrate within a project.

Light360 are an independent lighting consultancy based in Belfast. 18 months ago, they had a business with unrivalled expert knowledge and a team with exceptional skill and talent, but a brand that was failing to tell people who they were and why they mattered.

“We spoke to the team at Stenson Wolf about how best to improve the impression we were leaving with our clients. They suggested a new approach to our digital strategy and that was centred around a striking new website. We knew our old website didn’t match our aspirations and now we are confident leaving a meeting knowing potential clients will visit a website that matches the vision we have.”

Damien McKay – Design Director

A local business with a global ambition…

Growing up in Glenarm, on the spectacular Causeway Coastal Route, how could Damien McKay fail to be inspired by light? It was these early experiences that helped fire his ambition to work in lighting design.

It was also the love of this landscape and stunning scenery that brought him back home after years of travelling the globe, working alongside some of the world’s leading architectural practices.

In 2017, Damien joined Light360 as Design Director with the role of leading design but also helping grow the business. The business was born in Belfast, but had ambitions to bring their expert knowledge to a global audience.

Generate more sales, influence positive customer behaviour and have the confidence to do incredible things with your business.

…And a brand to match

The local market for such a specialist service is limited. Therefore, in order to succeed, Light360 would have to secure business from all over the world. The plan was for Damien to develop sales from contacts he had made working abroad in 15+ countries worldwide.

There was some existing Light360 marketing collateral that didn’t match the company’s ambitions. For the plan to work, Damien felt Light360 needed a brand and online presence that would showcase their skills and experience in a visually stunning way.

So, Damien approached Stenson Wolf and asked for our help in allowing him to connect with his specific target market of architects, engineers and interior designers.

The right message

Following our brand workshop with Damien and additional research into the marketplace, we understood that Light360 required a fresh brand identity, a fully responsive website and a new suite of marketing materials. Collaborating with highly skilled, design-orientated partners, the branding for Light360 had to sit comfortably within that landscape. The brand aesthetic needed to be clean, adaptable and unequivocal.

The Light360 website would have to showcase the value and effect of lighting design. It would also encourage potential clients to work with a specialist in the field on their next construction project. We achieved this by utilising high-end project photography. This advertised the quality of work and the difference light can make to the feel of a building.

To accompany the new brand and website, we designed corporate stationery and marketing brochures. Damien now had all the tools with which to leverage the contacts in his little black book and create sales for the fledgling business.

From strength to strength

Since rolling out the new brand and launching the website, Light360 have seen substantial growth with higher value contracts across the world, from North Down to the Maldives. Damien and the team have exceeded all expected sales figures over the last 18 months.

The business has grown to the extent that Light360 have needed to hire additional staff members to help manage the increased workload. Light360 is now in a position to be more selective of the work they take on, allowing for a more calculated approach to business with the continued aim of growing the company in the coming years.

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