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Generating leads and generating excitement

Peter Corry has certainly come a long way from the nervous teenager who stood up in front of a Belfast church congregation and belted out his first-ever performance.

Performing throughout the world over the last 20 years, career highlights include three years in the formidable role of Inspector Javert, both in the West End and UK tour of “Les Miserables”. Performing in the MGM Grand Las Vegas and singing at Old Trafford are his favourites amongst others.

A new chapter

Although still performing, in recent years Peter has been looking to the future with his business PC Productions.

Through PC Productions, he wanted to bring all his experience to bear in creating quality entertainment from large scale productions to the intimate and immersive. Conceiving, producing and touring shows such as “The Showman is Coming” as well as delivering dynamic and quality entertainment to suit any audience, from families to CEOs.

The next generation

Nurturing and developing local talent through his role as Artistic Director with Belfast School of Performing Arts was another important aspect of his work. Passionate about encouraging young people to perform, he takes a very “hands-on” role, visiting several schools each weekend and passing on the benefit of his experience.

Looking to the future

Peter would be the first to admit that he wouldn’t have been able to manage all the varied aspects of work without the support of his team, foremost among them being choreographer and producer Fleur Mellor. However, as the demands of the various roles have grown over the years it was clear that the team was becoming stretched and they were struggling to establish PC Productions in the way they had hoped.

Peter and Fleur felt that their marketing was suffering from a lack of direction as they struggled to keep all the various plates spinning. Each area of the business had its own website and there were 5 Facebook pages to manage. A lot of marketing for performances was being undertaken by venues with mixed results. PC Productions needed a clearer idea of who was buying tickets. They were concerned at the possibility of losing touch with their audience.

Bringing it all together

Our job was to bring clarity to a confused brand. Connect with and capture the audience that we knew existed for Peter Corry shows. But also to provide a platform on which to showcase all the other production capabilities for corporate customers.

Over the course of a few months, between shows and tours, we met with Peter and Fleur regularly. We tested some digital advertising campaigns to promote (and sell-out) shows. Our goal was to get a better understanding of the business they wanted to build and create a strategy that would make it a reality.

The challenge was to bring all these different roles together in a manner that Peter and the team could more easily manage. To build a business in which Peter could continue to perform front and centre but provided the opportunity to grow into areas in which he did not have to be on stage in years to come.

The strategy

Through our brand strategy process, we were able to identify the key audiences and position the brand to appeal to them through imagery and messaging.

Realising that the Peter Corry name had a high recognition factor we suggested rebranding PC Productions as Peter Corry Productions. Thereby creating one brand that could demonstrate Peter and Fleur’s vision:

“Deciding to work with Peter Corry Productions gives you access to our very own ‘little black book’ of industry contacts and connections, meaning that you can relax safe in the knowledge that you are guaranteed to receive a professional finished product that wows, providing memories that will last long after the curtain has come down.”

A very simple change but one that allowed us to maximise the benefit of the Peter Corry name to introduce the production services to those who only saw Peter as a performer. It also provided one central location to use for a modern strategic approach to digital marketing in promoting events and raising awareness of the corporate side of the business.

Additionally, by suggesting changes to the marketing approach we were able to help Peter and Fleur get to know their audience much better. Now when Peter Corry Productions decide to put on a show they have a loyal customer base ready and willing to buy tickets.

The end result is a brand, brought to life and built to succeed.

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