The Ulster Independent Clinic

The right time to evolve

As it prepared to celebrate its 40th anniversary, being asked to rebrand the Ulster Independent Clinic was a huge honour. We were even more delighted when we were asked to create a new website. Imagine our excitement when we started to roll out the brand in its £8.5million expansion – the new home to its Outpatient Department. Now it has been officially opened by Rory McIlroy, we can show you a few of the results

“We engaged Stenson Wolf to appraise and refresh our brand, website and signage at the beginning of the project that has culminated in the recently opened Outpatient facilities. Working with the team was a pleasure. They listened to our needs and aspirations. They provided ideas, solutions and a fresh approach that we could engage with.

I would recommend Stenson Wolf to any organisation wishing to renew or develop their brand.”

Nicola McGregor, Ulster Independent Clinic

Planning for the next 40 years

The Ulster Independent Clinic brand reflects its commitment to excellence in the quality of care, facilities, skills and equipment. Through a brand audit, we challenged the normal “refresh” approach and used a discovery workshop to look to the next 40 years. The new brand is fresh but familiar; modern but trusted; engaging but distinguished. The refreshed logo weaves through every part of the hospital and its communication channels.

Stenson Wolf give our clients access to a multi-skilled strategic and creative team for a lot less than it would cost to hire a junior marketing executive

Welcome to excellence founded on outstanding patient care

We created a website to match the customer clinic experience, whether that customer is a patient, they’re visiting family or the consultants. Easy to navigate and filled with useful content, the website provides information to prepare Clinic visitors before their actual visit. Modern and engaging, reflecting the brand in each click.

Rarely do we walk into a hospital and feel relaxed

A hospital can be daunting. No matter how expert the clinicians, how wonderful the staff or top class the experience, everything can feel cold and distant. Walls are intimidating, lights starkly bright and the signage useful, but indifferent. We were tasked to dress the building to be both comforting and invigorating for patients and their visitors. Also to create a more invigorating environment for staff to work in.

An experience that carries right through the clinic

The Ulster Independent Clinic prides itself on being patient focused. In its original building, an inviting warmth and welcome were created by soft furnishings and classical art on the walls.

The new modern three-story extension would have a contemporary feel with soft greys and oak wood trimming.

The new brand signs, dressed the corridors, doors and patient areas. We created bespoke sizes to reflect each room and environment.


The wayfinding needed to be practical with crisp clean lines and non-fussy – but it didn’t want to feel cold and clinical – and that’s what traditional way-finding signage can be. We’re all familiar with blue, silver, black & white metal signs.

It was vital the Ulster Independent Clinic signage and wayfinding in the new building presented an essential mix of professional, modern and bright, but also welcoming, calming and warm emotions.

With the brand now rolled out across the Clinic, staff, patients and their families are receiving a much warmer welcome and key information is now being delivered much more effectively through the website, the signage and print materials. The brand rollout allowed this fantastic new centre to be opened with confidence and pride.

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