Zym Marketing Automation

Creating a brand that’s ready to launch

Located in Portstewart, Zym is a pioneering marketing platform dedicated to helping ambitious SMEs who need to take greater control of their sales and marketing.

Zym knew they needed to partner with an agency that had the right experience of working with, building brands for and selling to SMEs, which is why they chose to appoint Stenson Wolf. Our 15 years of helping businesses like theirs tell people who they are and why they matter, positioned us perfectly to get Zym ready to launch to a global

“Craig and the team have been a dream to work with. In 25 years of working with numerous agencies, this has, without a shadow of a doubt, been the best experience I’ve ever had.

One of the strongest feelings I have about working with Stenson Wolf is trust. I knew that they had the project under control from start to finish and I genuinely believed they had our success at the top of their agenda. I knew I would get valid insight at every conversation and I trusted them and the work they were doing. The final outcomes have been phenomenal. We have a website that works for our business, led by a brand that communicates our value to the people we need it to. We couldn’t have gone to market so successfully if we didn’t have these things in place, and they wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for the continued efforts of Stenson Wolf.”

Debbie Rymer, CMO of Zym

Building the confidence to do incredible things

The team at Zym knew that they had created an innovative and powerful platform that they had full confidence in. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the same confidence that they could successfully tell the world who they were and why their platform mattered in a way that didn’t confuse or distract their audience.

One of the first big challenges was to increase their confidence by working out exactly who to talk to, how to talk to them and the reasons why Zym should be chosen ahead of their competition. Working closely with the management team at Zym to better understand their business, we were able to create a language and messaging toolkit that enabled the sales and marketing team to really sell the platform’s value.

For many businesses, software solutions like Zym are often viewed with scepticism, cynicism and a fear of being too big of a leap. By producing brand messaging that directly addressed these pain points, we were able to turn that shared industry frustration into positive, relatable messaging that potential customers could actually understand and get behind.

Whether your business is new to digital marketing or you’re looking for a platform that’s just better, you should take a look at Zym for yourself

Making it easy for the customers to buy

The brand had to talk to it’s audience in an authentic voice, not simply hide behind marketing speak like so many competitors. It had to give clarity on how Zym would benefit them and explain clearly why Zym exists. We wanted to create a brand that made the customer rejoice when they discovered it. ‘HALLELUJAH – Finally a marketing solution that understands what is important to me’ and it has. The use of consistent brand messaging has been key in driving up conversions, creating visitors who want to sign up, because they understand why they need to.

Providing confidence to investors and stakeholders

Creating the Zym brand not only gave the team at Zym added confidence, it also gave their investors an increased confidence too. Upon seeing the first prototype of the new website we had created, Zym received further private investment, proving the value of getting the brand and messaging right and creating that confidence through every part of the business.

An experience that not only sounds right, but looks right too

A big part of the buyer journey for Zym is their interaction with the Zym website. It was imperative that we created a site that not only had the right words, but also the right design and deliberate user journeys.

Our website design process was led by a content first approach, meaning we knew what the site had to say in order to create a compelling reason to be there. Once we knew exactly what we needed say, we created a prototype of the site, mapping out touch points and specific key sections of the user journey. How do we get a user from A to B? Where do we add calls to action? How do we inform the user of the benefits of Zym as easily as possible?

Once all of that was finalized, we moved onto the aesthetics of the site. Having created a brand strategy that included elements including a tagline and value proposition earlier in the project, we knew exactly who the site had to appeal to. The strategy informed every aspect of the final design from the colours and typography, to the photography style and the mobile usability. The end result is a site that looks right, sounds right and works without a glitch across all devices.

A website that is truly theirs

to grow with their business

Zym is a business with an aggressive growth strategy, and the website is going to play a big part in that. To ensure we created a website that can grow and evolve with the business, we built a fully bespoke theme with custom functionality. This will enable Zym to not only maintain the site themselves, but to grow the website as the needs of the business adapt.

By taking the time to understand how their team will use the site, we have engineered an easy to use, bespoke system that means they can react in minutes, rather than sitting still and waiting for changes to happen. The site is built for them, their needs and their staff.

In summary – What we did

We elevated their business so they can sell to more customers.

We created a brand, full messaging toolkit and website that sets Zym apart in a crowded marketplace.

We wrote it. We designed it. We built it. We created the messaging to promote it.

We built trust with Zym, giving them confidence in our ability, so they could focus on the development of the platform, knowing their brand and website were in safe hands.

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