Wave goodbye to your ‘passable’ website

If your website is driving more sales to your competitors than you, now is the time to address it. Start strengthening your business by building a PROPER website that motivates customers to choose you.

Better marketing results

Engaged new customers

Increased profitability

We build PROPER business websites that don’t simply exist on the internet. They help you build your business.

You can safely assume that most new enquiries you receive come from someone who has at some point looked at your website. Be it through a referral, an advert or a simple Google Search. If they’re looking for the services your business offers, how would a poor or simply passable experience influence their decision to call you first ahead of somebody else?

Getting your website right matters.

We recently wrote, designed, built and launched Diversity Mark’s new website, which has helped their enquiries more than double within 12 months.

Our Web Development Framework

We believe that the main difference between an average website and a proper website is purpose. A proper website is underpinned by your business goals and it is created to help you achieve them. An average website exists, but does little more than that.

Our Web Development Framework is designed to ensure that your new website is laser focussed on helping you get where you want to be.



Proper project planning is essential. It may sound cliché, but we believe in measuring twice and cutting once. Research, strategy and your brand delivery is the difference between passable results and results that make a significant long-term difference.

Your business goals

What are you trying to achieve?

Your target customers

Who are you trying to help?

Your landscape

Where do your customers find you?

You competition

What choices do your customers have?

Your point of view

What makes your business your business?



Executing means writing, designing and building a solution that is focused on your business objectives. We helped Cranfield Alpacas by concentrating on increased ticket sales, better user experience and a booking system that gave them more time to focus on other areas of growth.


What are you trying to say?


How are you saying it?


Why should they choose you?

Dress sense

What is your attitude and style?


What do you want your customers to do?



We help our clients launch their new websites the right way. Within 3 months, Cranfield’s revenue had tripled, admin time was down 80% and within 18 months of the new site launching, they had won the Tourism NI award for best small attraction. Their website helped them get there.


Where are you putting your message?


How are you directing them to you?

Pipeline filling

How will you keep more customers coming?


Use your data to maximise performance


Use your website to build your business

By working through each step of our framework, your business will gain a website that is rooted in your brand and driven by your marketing – and this will deliver results.

Quickly benefit from website content, produced by brand, web and marketing specialists

One of the main reasons a website will fail is because businesses get stuck at the content and copy stage. Most businesses don’t have the experience of producing content specifically for web and marketing purposes, so websites get crammed with long-form copy and stock photos that they ‘hope’ will convert someone. Sound familiar?

A proper website must look and sound right, so our team will remove the content fear factor for you by producing brand-led content that clarifies who you are and why your business matters.

We will write it

We will design it

We will build it

We will help you promote it

Sam King in Bangor needed a new, high-end website to help her achieve her growth goals of increased turnover, new clients and a better quality of staff wanting to work for her.
We recently created a new website for Mourne Holidays, which has helped them to increase the return on investment from their marketing.

Start ranking well. Google rewards our clean coded websites.

A proper business website should be fast, responsive, safe and coded clean. This is a big part of what we do and a big part of what makes a website proper. Google will penalise you if your site isn’t built and organised the right way. Ignoring this for cost or convenience might seem appealing, but it will hurt your business in the long run. We sweat the small stuff on all our websites as it will make a difference to your ability to be found.

Our sites are:

Fast and light

Securely hosted

Coded clean

Built on WordPress

Easy to update

Optimised for search

Responsively designed

Cross platform compatible

How much does a PROPER website cost, how long does it take and how long will it last?

You will find prices for websites vary greatly between agencies, freelancers, web shops and online web builders. We work best with businesses who appreciate that their website is a key part of their marketing system, and who want to invest in long term success and partnership.

Smaller sites

Budget for £3.5-£6k

For smaller web projects, we would usually look to have a project launched within 8 weeks and expect your website to serve you well for 3-5 years.

Medium sites

Budget for £5-£10k

For medium sized projects, we would usually look to have a project launched within 12 weeks expect your website to serve you well for 3-5 years.

Larger sites

Budget for £7.5k +

For larger sites, including e-commerce sites, we would usually look to have a project launched within 16 weeks expect your website to serve you well for 3-5 years.

We don’t work well with businesses looking for overnight miracles, cheap and cheerful sites or a micro-management relationship. Our team have collectively spent years in this industry, and we know what works and more importantly, what doesn’t.

What our clients think about us

Working with Stenson Wolf is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a company. They’ve supported us so much along the way, and we’ve a partner who we trust and can rely on.

Peter Corry
Peter Corry Productions

Read the Peter Corry case study

I couldn’t recommend Stenson Wolf highly enough. Put your trust in them. You will not be disappointed. The team are brilliant and they adopt a holistic approach to your business, focussing on what you want and how best to deliver it.

Pamela Houston
Cranfield Alpacas

Read the Cranfield case study

Craig and the team have been a dream to work with. In 25 years of working with numerous agencies, this has, without a shadow of a doubt, been the best experience I’ve ever had.

Debbie Rymer
CMO – Zym

Read the Zym case study

We have built proper websites for clients including:

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