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Belfast OPeratic Company

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

A Bold Endeavour at the Grand Opera House

It’s a brave thing to do to book the Grand Opera House for a week-long run of shows when you’re a local amateur musical theatre group. Especially when you need to sell over 85% of tickets to just break even. And you’re in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis.

Selling tickets in the darkness of winter when people were recovering from the financial hit of Christmas and rising food and energy costs was never going to be easy.

A challenge that demanded a joined-up approach to marketing!

How it started…

How it ended.

Our Joined Up Marketing Campaign Delivered Results

Its braver still to make the decision to invest in an agency to support you in such a challenging goal. So a heartfelt thank you to Belfast Operatic Company for putting their trust in us and our team.

But we are glad to say that through a mix of digital marketing, advertising, public relations and radio advertising we were able to not just hit the goal but to exceed it. 

Led by Sam and Nikki, we created a marketing campaign that resonated with audiences and inspired them to experience the enchantment of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Stenson Wolf became deeply integrated within the BOC team, working closely together to ensure every aspect of the marketing campaign was executed flawlessly. We celebrated the power of joined up thinking and witnessed the remarkable results it can yield.

  • Radio advertising on U105 and Q Radio
  • Improved event page on the BOC website
  • Radio interviews on multiple local stations
  • Paid social media advertising
  • Organic social media posting
  • Creative PR photoshoots
  • A series of targeted Press releases
  • Lead performers and members of BOC interviews across National and Local media
  • Creating behind the scenes videos
  • Engaged and invited the media to review opening night

We secured coverage across a range of print, radio and television outlets including:

The results


ticket sale goal exceeded  


over 1.2 million impressions on social media for the campaign


new visitors to their website


increase in time on the Hunchback show page on the BOC website

“The whole week went really wel. Along with being an artistic success we’re delighted that we reached our sales target.

A big thank you must go to Nikki, Sam and all your team in helping us to make this production a financial success.” 

Colin Boyd, Company Chairman