We build brands, websites and marketing campaigns that

Clarify who you are and why you matter, so more customers will choose to buy from you

Do you have a great business, product or service, but struggle to consistently win the customers you deserve?

Your business is better, but you keep losing to competitors and you don’t know why

You find it difficult to confidently talk about your business and the benefits you offer

Your website and emails look nice, but they still don’t generate sales

Your marketing feels like a waste of time and money

You have ambitious plans, but frustratingly, you feel stuck where you are

You’re not talking to enough of the right people (and too many of the wrong people)

If this sounds familiar, you should talk to us. Stenson Wolf is where left-brained strategic thinking combines with right-brained creative design to solve real business problems. This means that your brand, web & marketing efforts are rooted in substance, helping you confidently introduce your business to customers, knowing that you can win.

We can help you build the business you have always wanted

Words matter. We will write the words that influence emotion and behaviour

Creativity matters. We will shape your customers’ perception of who you are and build up your reputation

Confidence matters. We will help you achieve your wider business objectives and increase your visibility

We recently helped Debbie and her team at Zym secure significant investment, build their brand and launch to a global audience

Located in Portstewart, Zym is a pioneering marketing automation platform dedicated to helping ambitious SMEs who need to take greater control of their sales and marketing.

Zym knew they needed to partner with an agency that had the right experience of working with, building brands for and selling to SMEs, which is why they chose to appoint Stenson Wolf to create their brand and write, design and build their website.

In 25 years of working with numerous agencies, this has been the best experience I’ve ever had.

Debbie Rymer – CMO of Zym

About our business

For almost 20 years we have helped ambitious people to strengthen their businesses.

Whether our client’s goal is to sell services globally, or simply expand from Belfast to Birmingham, our purpose is always to help them reach that objective in the very best way we can.

Our individual skills and experience have certainly helped to shape our business, but it is collectively where we truly excel. We give our clients access to a multi-skilled strategic and creative team for a lot less than it would cost to hire a junior marketing executive. This means that your problems get solved quicker, the outcomes are better for your business and you can spend more time doing what you do best – running your business.

Generate more sales, influence positive customer behaviour and have the confidence to do incredible things with your business

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